This website shall share information about power plants, and facilitate networking between people and groups that oppose them.

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If you want to join our network of grassroots activists and fighting power plants and dirty energy facilities, then you should get a user account:
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Find Facilities
There are several ways to find facilities.

My Community Map - Enter your zip code or address and it will give you all the facilities within 200 miles. If you choose a zip code, this will also give you air quality and demographics data.

State Map - Go to the Map homepage and select your state. Shows all the facilities in the state

National Map - You can see all the facilities of one or more types on a map of the United States. This is slower if you are looking at many facilities.

Basic - A basic facility search.

Advanced - An advanced facility search (in beta).

We have an event calendar that is available in traditional calendar format or as a table/list. One difference between our calendar and others is that you can subscribe to receive a regular email with a list of upcoming events in your area. These events are filtered by geography so that you won't be overloaded with local events that aren't in you area - but you will still see state level events for your state (and surrounding ones).
You can add your own event to it and then it will get sent out to our subscribers.

You can import these events into Google Calendar and other calendars by using these links:
Upcoming Events       All Events

Find Contacts
You can do searches for people and groups to find activists that are working in your area or on similar types of facilities.

These are files, like PDFs, that are useful to activists. If you need help uploading a file - let us know.

Facility Tracking and Fighting
You can take responsibility for one or more facilities by using the 'Request Control' link on a facility page or, if it isn't already in our database, you can add the facility yourself. Once you have control of the facility you can update its information: including its status, fuels, and location. You can also upload photos, add links, and add facility-related resources (ex. a leaflet or permit). You can also publicly state your personal interest in the facility by choosing between 'interested' (you are concerned about it) and 'active' (you are actively opposing the facility). In addition, you can list whether a community group is interested or actively opposing it. In the future, we will add more features to help you organize opposition to a facility (and you should contact us directly for organizing support).

Corporations Data
Our corporation data set is primarily from the EIA database (including ownership information). So it includes corporations connected to dirty energy and waste facilities. Eg. it includes only a fraction of all corporations.

Census Data
We have race data from the 2010 Census (from census tract to block level), and income from the latest American Community Survey (5 year summary).

Congressional Data
For the My Community and State Maps, you will see a list of Congressional Representatives and Senators along with links for their campaign financing, voting, and profile. This is powered by Sunlight Labs. In the future, we will have information for state legislators.

Navigating the Site and Search Results
Say you click on a facility and it shows the corporation that owns the facility. Then you can click on the corporation to see all the facilities that it owns.

If you do a search, the results are displayed twenty at a time. You can jump from one page to another using the controls at the bottom. You can also sort the results by clicking on a column name.

You can export facility search results using the buttons on the right hand side.

We strive to maintain a high standard of quality for information on our site so that that you do not have to sort through junk to find what you're looking for. Our first line of defense against junk is that a moderator must approve submitted information before it is publicly available. Our second line of defense is to rely upon your suggestions.

Browser Issues
We have tested the website using Internet Explorer, Firefox (recommended choice), Chrome (fastest option - also highly recommended), Opera, and Safari. If you are having problems with your browser please let us know the browser version and operating system that you are using.

Open Source
This website runs on a heavily modified version of an open source software package called Activism Network. If you want to help us develop this software, we'd love to have your help. We may do a public release in the future.

You want our Facilities Data?
You can export our facility data by running a facility search (basic or advanced). Then you can click on one of the icons on the top of the table (copy, csv, excel, etc) to export all of the search results into a file, or if you use 'copy' it goes to the clipboard. The facility data currently includes facility name, city, state, latitude, and longitude. The plug-in is a bit fussy, so if this doesn't work send us an email and we'll fix it. You can also export a facility search into KML for making your own map.
You can also see our list of sources to get the most recent data.

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