Ethanol and Biomass

Natural Gas - Fracking


International (non-US) Maps

General Maps

Electrial Grid
  • NPR Grid Map - potential solar, potential wind, the grid now, the grid in 2030, and where your power comes from by state.

Renewables Potential

General Databases
  • Open Energy Info Wiki - open data from around the world.
  • Envirofacts - EPA - get information about toxic emissions in your zip code.
  • Right To Know - Toxic Release Inventory and other databases.
  • LittleSis - publishes profiles of influential, powerful people in government and different industries.
  • MapLight - visualize the connection between campaign donations and legislative votes.
  • Open Secrets - campaign donations - used to power
  • FedSpending - full spending data for federal contracts.
  • FreeBase - community-based, open database of the world's information covering millions of topics in hundreds of categories, including corporations.
  • They Rule - interlocking boards of directors.
  • Epidemiology Data from the CDC
  • Census Bureau - demographics data.
  • Fact Finder - census data by zip code, with excellent interface. You can see things like poverty level by block!

Geographical Data