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Coal Plants in Transition ReportThis is the summary of a report put together by Natural Capitalism Solutions. The report details the business case for transitioning from coal to renewable energy. The report gives a conceptual overvi190503-04-2010
Dirty Kilowatts2007: America’s Most Polluting Power PlantsEnvironmental Integrity Project assembled this report in 2007. "Nationwide, the power plants that provide electricity to run our homes, businesses, and factories also account for 40 percent of ca160503-29-2010
Incinerators Trash Community HealthThe Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives explains some of the health risks posed by trash incinerators.160206-28-2010
CBD Biomass Presentation 2011Center for Biological Diversity Presentation: Is Biomass Burning Worse than Coal. PPT presentation 2011151106-10-2011
An Industry Blowing SmokeReleased June 2009, this report, compiled by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, concludes that new incineration technologies, like older-style burners, are expensive, inefficient and co144006-28-2010
Municipal Waste Composition OverviewStudy of municipal waste composition140903-02-2011
SEAC's Organizing GuideA massive revision of the Student Environmental Action Coalition's original 1991 organizing guide, this 104 page (5.5*8.5 size pages) spiral-bound manual is a great tool for beginners and experienced 137606-28-2010
Food and Water WatchExcellent resource on the detriments of Fracking by Food and Water Watch provided by Sam Schabacker133911-25-2011
Impacts of Thinning on Carbon Stores in the PNW: A Plot LeveForest carbon storage, thinning vs non-thinning.130309-30-2011
Mercury FallingThis report is somewhat dated (data is from 1998), but it provides detailed information on how much mercury is really emitted from coal-burning power plants in the US. The Environmental Working Group 128708-16-2010
Mining Coal, Mounting Costs: the lifecycle consequences of cThis study quantifies the typically externalized costs of mining and burning coal.128302-28-2011
The Toll from CoalPublication The Toll from Coal127911-08-2010
Fracking Myths and FactsThis two pager dispels the myths around (hydro)fracking in the Marcellus Shale gas formation. Drafted for Philadelphia-area residents, the factsheet may be useful to anyone organizing in opposition to127509-06-2011
Environmental Justice and Energy Production: Coal-Fired PoweResearch paper. Identifies environmental injustice in Illinois by looking at coal plants and Census Data at the block level.125811-20-2010
Coal Ash MythsSierra Club, Earthjustice, and the Environmental Integrity project put together a resource describing the dangers of coal ash and some of the myths of how it is handled.124608-20-2010
350 Reasons Carbon Trading Won't WorkBy Carbon Trade Watch, Rising Tide North America, and the Camp for Climate Action. www.350reasons.org121608-14-2013
From Wood to WingNorthwest Advanced Renewables Alliance... converting forest residuals into bio-jet fuel and other co-products... taking wood to new heights.119103-04-2014
Air Pollution from Proposed Sunnyside Ethanol BiorefineryPollutants, permitted emissions, health problems, frequency of testing.118802-26-2011
OH-Grandview-WTL-a-SunOil1970sWTL Grandview - Sun Oil filings from 1970s115109-07-2012
Coal Blooded Action ToolkitThe Coal Blooded Action Toolkit is a step-by-step guide on how to take action to address pollution from coal fired power plants. The toolkit has six modules: Investigating Coal in Your Community, Awar113301-25-2013
Coal Ash Myth FactsheetSierra Club, Earthjustice, and the Environmental Integrity project put together this resource on the dangers of coal ash.111908-20-2010
Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing The World"'Your most valuable asset isn’t your employees,' I told the executive. 'Your most valuable asset is the thousands of people who want to work for you for free, and you don’t let them.'" 300 pgs. 93608-17-2017
Resource by ArvindHello description7607-13-2023