Here you can find some of the data sets that we're using on the website and have converted into KML. Please download them and make your own maps!

We are sharing KML files. You can convert them into KMZ zipping them with your favorite program (this will reduce file size by 70%) and replacing the '.zip' extension with '.kmz'.

You can use these files with Google Maps API, Google Earth, ArcGis Explorer (a free version of a more complex GIS software), or Quantum GIS (open source desktop GIS software)

Data Sources
We are using many data sources.

Our Own Data
McNeil Biomass Incinerator Forest Mapping Project
The data covers logging in Vermont (does not include NY logging). It was manually collected by us based on permits. KMZ KML

Exporting Our Facility Data
You can export our facility data by running a facility search (basic or advanced). Then you can click on one of the icons on the top of the table (copy, csv, excel, etc) to export all of the search results into a file, or if you use 'copy' it goes to the clipboard. The facility data currently includes facility name, city, state, latitude, and longitude. The plug-in is a bit fussy, so if this doesn't work send us an email and we'll fix it.

You can also export our facility data into KML to make your own map. This is easy to import it into Google My Maps (paste into the URL:, ArcGis Explorer (free viewer), Quantum GIS (free and more complex GIS software) or another GIS program. To do this use the facility search. Then 'Export to KML'. This opens a link to the KML file. Download it and save it. You may need to allow popups to get it to work.

If you want us to develop an API, please contact us.

If your website uses the Energy Information Administration (Form 860) facility data then you can link to our data (and we'd be glad to link back) using the EIA facility id. Our pages normally use our own id, but can also be accessed using 'eia-xxxx.htm' where 'xxxx' is the EIA PLNTCODE value.
For instance Bankhead Dam.

Biomass Potential By County - NREL 2008
Our biomass potential data comes from the NREL 2008 data set.
For each layer we created KML files that use 1) the total tons per county and 2) the tons per square mile.

CO2 Emission Estimates by County
The Vulcan Project has estimated CO2 emissions by county (and in even greater detail on their website).
For each layer we created KML files for the annual 1) tons per capita, and 2) tons per county.

Race from the 2010 Census -- Income from the latest American Community Survey
Justice Map

Census Data (2000) -- Race By County

Census Data (2000) -- Poverty/Income By County
Political Layers

Wind and Solar Potential
These data layers comes from the NREL. The data sets are too big to display quickly on Google Maps and they can freeze or fail to show up (even in Chrome which is fastest). They include the Western Wind dataset and Eastern Wind Dataset.

Solar: Tilted South Potential - One File
NOTE: over 400,000 data points and it is VERY SLOW in Google Maps. Works better if you zoom in. For Google Maps, due to their limits on KML, I have split the layer into 5 parts: part 1 -- part 2 -- part 3 -- part 4 -- part 5


We have several calendar feeds that are in iCal format. You can import these into your own personal or web calendar. You can also import them into Google Calendar and then copy the iframe code from there to embed a nice looking calendar on your website. If your website uses a content management system (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc) then you can install a plugin/module that will show our events on your website OR combine them with your own.

If you have your own calendar and want us to import your events (and distribute them in our upcoming event email newsletter) then email us.

We can customize an event feed for you using a local filter to only include local events in your area (say 50 miles from a zip code), but still include larger state/regional events from further away.

Some of our existing iCal feeds:

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We would love to hear from you about how you used this data! And let us know of other data sets we can use.
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