AMP Generating Station
DefeatedNatural Gas Power Plant           
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Letart Falls, OH 45771
United States
Latitude: 38.90124
Longitude: -81.91619
Burner: Boiler
Cost (in millions): 3300
When AMP withdrew their proposal in late November 2009, they announced that they'd still be seeking to develop a smaller natural gas or "biomass" fired power plant at the same site.

In February 2008, NRDC released a report detailing the cost of the AMP Generating Station on taxpayers.

In March 2008, opposition groups appealed the decision to grant the air permit.

Sierra Club appealed the Permit to Install and the NPDES permit. A response is not expected until later in 2009.

The plant would rely on New Hampshire-based Powerspan Corp. emissions controls. The system, called Electro-Catalytic Oxidation, controls multiple pollutants and produces a waste product that can be used as fertilizer.
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Sierra Club: Stopping the Coal Rush
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American Municipal Power - OhioOperator 
American Municipal Power - OhioOperator 

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Unit Information

PowerTypeStatusFuelSecondary Fuel(s)
Burner: BoilerProposedNatural Gas Wood Waste Solids
740 MWBurner: BoilerDefeatedCoal Subbituminous Coal
480 MWBurner: BoilerDefeatedCoal  

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