Waste Management, Inc.

Houston, TX
United States
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NameChild Corporation
Altamont Solid Waste Landfill
American Landfill
Arden Landfill
Atlantic Waste Disposal Solid Waste Landfill
Austin Community Landfill
Autumn Hills Recycling & Disposal Facility
Avon Landfill
AWS Mahoning Landfill
Azusa Land Reclamation Company, Inc.
Barre (Martone) Landfill
Best Pak Disposal Inc. Landfill
Big Bethel Landfill
Blue Bonnet Landfill
Blue Ridge Recycling & Disposal Facility
Bradley Avenue West Solid Waste Landfill and Bradley East Landfill
Burnsville Solid Waste Landfill
Butterfield Station Landfill
Button-Gwinnett Landfill Phase III
Cedar Ridge Landfill
Central Disposal Landfill
Central Landfill (New)
Central LF (Old)
Central Missouri Solid Waste Landfill
Chaffee (CID) Landfill
Chambers-Bolton Road
Charles City County Solid Waste Landfill
Chestnut Ridge Landfill
Chicopee Landfill
CID Recycling and Disposal Facility
City Env. Services, Inc. of Waters
City of Durant Landfill
City Sand & Landfill, Inc.
Clearview Environmental Control Facility
Coastal Plains Landfill
Cocopah Landfill
Columbia Ridge Landfill
Comal County Landfill
Cottonwood Hills RDF
Countryside Landfill
Covel Gardens Landfill
Crossroads Landfill
Cuyahoga Regional Sanitary Landfill
Dallas-Fort Worth Landfill
Dauphin Meadows Landfill
De Kalb County Landfill
Deercroft Landfill
Disposal Service Inc. Landfill
Douglas County Recycling and Disposal Facility Landfill
Eagle Valley Landfill
Earthmovers Landfill
East Oak Solid Waste Landfill/Mosley Road Landfill
Eastside Landfill
El Coqui Landfill
El Sobrante Solid Waste Landfill
Elda Landfill
Elk River Solid Waste Landfill
Ellis County Landfill
Environfil Landfill
Evergreen Recycling & Disposal Landfill
Fairfield Sanitary Landfill
Five Oaks RDF
Geneva Landfill
Glen's Sanitary Landfill Inc.
Granby-Holyoke Landfill
Grand Central Landfill
Greater Wenatchee Landfill
Green Lake Solid Waste Landfill
Green Ridge Landfill
Greenridge Reclamation Landfill (formerly Y&S Solid Waste Landfill)
Grey Wolf Landfill
GROWS Landfill
Gulf Coast Landfill
H.O.D. Landfill
Haleyville Regional Landfill
Harmony Sanitary Landfill Co.
Hickory Hill MSWLF
High Acres Landfill
Hillside Landfill
HMDC 1-A Landfill
Jay County Landfill
Jefferson County Landfill
K&W Landfill
Kahle Solid Waste Landfill
Kankakee County RDF
Kelly Run Solid Waste Landfill
Keystone Sanitation Company, Inc. Landfill
Kirby Canyon Recycling & Disposal Facility
L & D Landfill
Lacy-Lakeview Landfill
Lake Landfill
Lake View Landfill
Laraway RDF
Laurel Highlands Landfill
Laurel Ridge Landfill Inc.
Lawrence County Regional Landfill
LCS Services Landfill
Liberty Landfill
Little Neck Road Phases I & II
Lockwood Landfill
Lowry Landfill
Magnolia Sanitary Landfill
Meadowfill Landfill
Meadowland Landfill
Medley LF Expansion
Metro Recycling and Disposal Landfill
Middle Peninsula Landfill
Midway Landfill
Milam Recycling and Disposal Facility
Monarch Hill
Monroe Livingston Solid Waste Landfill
Monroeville Landfill
Mountain View Landfill
Mt. Holly Landfill
Muskogee Community Landfill
New Milford Landfill
North Weld Landfill
Northern Oaks Recycling & Disposal Facility
Northwest Regional MSW Landfill
Northwest Solid Waste Landfill
Northwestern Company Disposal Landfill
Oakridge Landfill Inc.
Okeechobee & Berman Road Landfill
Omega Hills Landfill
Orchard Ridge Landfill
Outer Loop RDF
Ozark Ridge Landfill
Painted Desert Landfill
Palmetto Landfill
Paragon Southwest Medical Waste
Parklands Reclamation Project
Parkview Recycling Landfill
Pecan Grove Sanitary Landfill
Pecan Prairie Landfill
Penuelas Valley Landfill
People's Garbage Disposal
Pheasant Run Recycling Landfill
Phoenix Resources Construction/Demolition Waste Landfill
Piedmont Solid Waste Landfill
Pine Bluff Landfill
Pine Grove Landfill
Pine Ridge Sanitary Landfill
Pine Tree Acres Landfill
Pinnacle Road Landfill
Plantation Oaks Sanitary Landfill
Pottstown Landfill
Prairie Bluff Sanitary Landfill
Prairie View Landfill
Quail Hollow Landfill
Quarry Landfill
RCI Hudson/Stow Landfill
Redwood Solid Waste Landfill
Richland Northeast Landfill
Ridgeview Landfill
Ridgeview Recycling Landfill
Riverbend Landfill Company, Inc.
Rumble Solid Waste Landfill II
S & S Grading Inc. Landfill
S4 Plasma Enhanced Gasifier at Columbia Ridge Landfill
Saginaw Valley Landfill
Salem Waste Disposal, Inc. MSWLF
Sandy Pines Landfill
Sanifill Of Texas-Baytown Landfill
Sanitation Landfill
Screaming Eagle Road Landfill
Security Recycling and Disposal Landfill
Seymour Road Landfill
Shade LF (RCC LF)
Shawnee County Landfill
Simi Valley Landfill
Skyline Landfill
South Chain of Rocks RDF
South Hills Landfill
Southern Alleghenies Landfill
Southern Plains Landfill
Southern Sanitation Landfill
Southern States-Bolton Road
Springhill Regional Landfill
Spruce Ridge Landfill
State Wide Landfill
Stony Hollow Landfill
Sunny Farms Landfill
Tazewell County LF #2
Three Corners Landfill
Tontitown Landfill
Tri-Cities Landfill
Tullytown Landfill
Tunica County Landfill
Turnkey Recycling & Environmental Enterprises
Twin Bridges RDF
Two Pine Landfill
Valley Landfill
Valley Trail Landfill
Valley View Solid Waste Landfill (Stevenson Solid Waste Landfill)
Venice Park Recycling & Disposal Facility
Waste Management of Lancaster Solid Waste Landfill
West Camden Sanitary Landfill
Westside Recycling and Disposal Facility
Westside Sanitary Landfill
Wheatland Prairie RDF
Wheeler RDF
White Lake Landfill
Williamson County
WMI Northeast waste transfer staion
WMI Suburban R&D Landfill
WMI-BJ Landfill
WMI-Live Oak Landfill
WMI-Rolling Hills
WMI/Atascocita Landfill
WMI/Colorado Springs SWDS
WMI/E & D Waste Systems Inc. Landfill
WMI/Lexington-Fayette Landfill
Woodland Meadows Landfill- North
Woodland Meadows Landfill-South
Woodland Meadows Landfill-Van Buren
Woodland RDF
Woodside LF & Recycling Center

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